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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 23, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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channel. rick, whatever you did, it's suddenly summer out here. >> very much summer. sunny. warm. good day for a barbecue. >> i like it. >> your place or mine? >> my place. come on. >> after the show show right now. fox news alerting some breaking details in the nsa leak investigation. take a live look right now at the moscow international airport. that is where a plane that's believed to be carrying self-proclaimed leaker edward snowden landed just a short time ago. after officials in hong kong say he left their country early this morning. there is so much to report on this story this hour. good morning. welcome to "america's news headquarters," everyone, i'm jamie colby. >> i'm eric shawn. good morning on this sunday morning. edward snowden, of course, is wanted in the u.s. for stealing government secrets and espionage. here's what we know right up to this minute. he remains on the run. reportedly boarding that plane
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earlier this morning. apparently leaving hong kong legally. after officials there said an extradition request filed by the united states, in their view, did not fully comply with their law. and there is a report that he's accompanied by a team of diplomats and legal advisers from wikileaks as he tries to seek asylum. now there's word that he may be gearing up to make yet another move that would be beyond the reach of american law. live in washington with the very latest on his trail, hi, peter. >> hi, eric. word from the justice department this morning, just because edward snowden is apparently on his way to a democratic country for asylum doesn't mean the united states isn't going to try to track him down. here's the latest statement from the doj. it says, we have been informed by the hong kong authorities mr. snowden has departed hong kong for a third country. we will continue to discuss this matter with hong kong and pursue relevant law enforcement cooperation with other countries where mr. snowden may be
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attempting to travel. the airline aeroslot told us this morning a passenger named edward snowden with the same birth date as the self-identified nsa leaker was on a flight from hong kong to moscow that just landed. here at home, democratic u.s. senator chuck schumer suspects that russian president vladimir putin may have known snowden was heading his way and schumer thinks if that's the case, this will hurt our relations with russia. >> i believe so. something at this level in a state controlled country, the minute aeroslot got the notification he would be coming, i believe that putin, it's almost certain he knew. and it's likely he approved it. >> as for the question of why hong kong let snowden leave today, they say u.s. authorities never provided the information required to extradite snowden. then they add an explosive charge. here it is. the hong kong special administrative region government
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has formally written to the u.s. government requesting clarification on earlier reports about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies. the website wikileaks separately says snowden reached out to them to help him get out of hong kong safely. meanwhile, the nsa director keith alexander said this morning on abc he doesn't know why red flags weren't raised to prevent snowden from leaving hawaii with classified information. eric? >> it's just after 6:00 p.m. in moscow. we are watching to see if and when snowden apparently actually gets off that plane or if he is sighted publicly. thank you. >> we're covering every angle of this story. the other question is how do authorities begin to try and get snowden back here to the u.s. congressman peter king in new york, a republican member of the homeland security committee, chairman of the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence, congressman, thanks for coming in this morning. has he slipped through our fingers forever? >> maybe not forever, but it's
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going to be very difficult. we have to use every bit of diplomatic leverage we have right now. the president should be in contact with putin saying that this whole reset button with russia, that's off if putin allows him to leave the country and doesn't send him back to the united states. iceland is a nato ally. we should take whatever action we have to. as far as cuban and venezuela, that's a haven for refugees from american justice. it's going to be difficult. also i think it's important for the american people to realize if this guy is a traitor, he's a defector, he's not a hero. i heard senator rand paul this morning actually compared snowden to general clapper. what's happening to our country? this is a traitor. for anyone to be comparing him to a u.s. military hero is absolutely disgraceful. >> can you confirm he has left hong kong? that's he's on that plane? that he's in moscow or headed to any of these countries or is this just a report at this point? >> my understanding, they said he was on the plane. no one on the plane said they saw him. who knows.
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you had assad saying this morning sometimes you say you're going to one country and you really go to another. this whole thing could be a ruse for all we know. why did hong kong let him go? why did china let him go? aagree with senator schumer. putin had to be somehow part of this if he is actually going to russ russia. our diplomatic relations are really frayed. the president's got to get on this. >> in terms of homeland security, how risky is snowden? does he know more than you already know he has in his possession and in his mind? >> well, i would just -- we are very concerned about what more information he can leak out. and all of this information is damaging to the u.s., damaging to our security, puts american lives at risk. >> in terms of him leaving hong kong if he, in fact, did, hong kong is claiming this morning that they requested additional p p paperwork from the united states and our country didn't comply. what information did they need to hold him for us, and can you confirm whether or not the white house actually participated in
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supplying what was needed? or, i guess, let it go and here we are now trying to track him all over the world? >> i don't know the latest details. i do know the u.s. government filed necessary papers. if there was any additional information needed, this happens often, echoes back and forth, that is no excuse to let him go. once a government files papers saying a person is a fugitive from justice they have to hold till that's resolved. >> what about the countries, you said, with iceland we have relations. nato agreements. cuba and venezuela, if that's where he's headed, or somewhere else in south america, they will protect him. and will they do that because he's valuable to them from an intelligence standpoint? or because they can thumb their nose at us that they have someone they knew the u.s. wants to get back? >> jamie, i always say all of the above. at very least just having someone we want makes them feel good. but also this guy does have intel.
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he does have intelligence. they will have him. i'd say for all of the above. it's all the more reason, by the way, we should make it clear that anyone, certainly any american who cooperates and is facilitating him escaping, to get into another country, should be indicted for aiding and abetting and a fugitive from justice. this is no longer a game. >> on the left side of your screen we're watching the passengers from this flight get off this plane. everyone there is looking for edward snowden to see if he actually disembarks from the plane. you'll see a flurry of activity. every press organization is there right now. in the meantime, he is saying that -- or it's been reported through him that he's been in touch with julian assange. we know about the wikileaks scandal and the information that got out. corporal manning is going to pay the price for what he did. if we get our hands on him, what are we going to do? and why is this happening again? >> first of all, he's to be indicted and prosecuted for violating the espionage act at the maximum possible sentence. why is it happening?
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they're going to have to really, i believe, do more to tighten up security. how someone like this was able to get access to so much and leave the country without anyone even knowing it is it shall shows a real deficiency. anyone getting a security clearance, you go through hell to get it. somehow he was able to -- i have real issues why he even maintained his security clearance before this. the fact that somebody, an employee at nsa or working for a contractor with nsa would have access to all that information, be able to download it and get it out of the country, it's inexcusable. >> so the ball is being dropped from a security standpoint. >> it has to be tightened up, absolutely. >> you'll work on that for us and also continue to give us exclusively whatever information you can. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> i really appreciate that, sir. eric? >> thank you, congressman. just for a moment we have breaking news on a massive wildfire raging right now in southwestern colorado. crews are coping with yet another day of heat and high
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winds as they try and save a small mountain town. that fire exploding in size over just the last 24 hours. now they say covering more than 100 square miles. it is threatening the town of south fork, colorado. that's a very popular tourist spot known for camping and for hiking grounds. the advancing flames forcing hundreds of people there to flee. so far, though, thankfully, no buildings have been lost. no reports of injuries. we'll stay on this wildfire that seems to be out of control until they can get a handle on it. police officers and dogs are searching in the home of new england patriots aaron hernandez. they're investigating the nfl star to see if there's any connection between him and the murder of semi-pro football player odin lloyd. he was found dead last monday in an industrial park near hernandez's home. police searched the house for more than 3 1/2 hours yesterday, taking more than a dozen bags of
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potential evidence with them. there are reports that authorities could soon, though, execute a search warrant for hernandez. reportedly for potential obstruction of justice. police say the security system at the nfl star's home had been destroyed. hernandez's lawyer handed over a cell phone that happened to be broken in pieces. it's a sprint to the finish line in the race to try and pass an immigration bill before the next recess. the senate now planning to hold a procedural vote tomorrow afternoon. that could be key in clearing the way for a potential final passage of an immigration overhaul. can the bill really get through congress, though, before the fourth of july, if ever? can it finally help fix the nation's immigration mess? joining us now is managing editor of "the hill." bob, good morning. what do you think is going to happen tomorrow? >> eric, the senate's going to pass this immigration bill this week. it could go into the weekend. one way or the other this bill is going to pass with around 70
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votes. now, as far as the house, totally different situation. john boehner does not like the senate bill. the house is working on narrow kind of noncontroversial immigration bill. so this -- this legislation has a long way to go, eric. >> do you think there'll be some type of compromise? can there be between the senate and the house or right now there's just too far off? >> no. i think that those talks could go on for months. that's the danger here. is that immigration reform could get bogged down in a conference between the house and the senate. and why? because of the pathway to citizenship. a lot of the conservatives in the house are strongly opposed to the senate bill and the pathway to citizenship. but a decent amount of senate republicans support it. so that's where i think the block is going to be. the house is certainly not going to be moving the senate immigration bill, at least not any time soon. >> you're talking about a sizable number of senators. they talk about 15 republican senators supporting that. can they potentially sway some of the recalcitrant members of
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the house to see their way and approve that in the house? >> i just don't see it. i've talked to a fair amount of conservatives in the house. they really don't like that senate bill. they're more concerned about a primary than a general election. so i don't see the conservatives moving on this. this unruly conference that john boehner has to deal with, they have made it clear that they're not going to support any bill that doesn't have a majority of house republican support. and for now, speaker john boehner agrees with them. >> if you're talking about concern about the conservative part of their flank, or are you talking about something after the primaries, after the congressional elections next year? we're talking about, what, more than a year away? >> that's a good point. some republicans privately saying the party does not need an immigration reform bill for the 2014 elections. they need an immigration reform bill before the 2016 elections, the presidential elections. so i don't think that this can pass an election year. in 1986 it was an election year
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when it passed. if immigration is going to get done it's got to get done in 2013. >> you mean this year? sf >> this year. i think if it doesn't pass this year it's going to be so hard to pass in election year. senators who want to move this bill, they know that. i think the house is going to pass something later this summer. then it's going to be a question of whether they can reconcile and get agreement between the house and the senate. that's going to be the row. >> what type of agreement do you think there can be? there are 11 -- this bill would take 13 years basically for them to become citizens. ten years before they can apply for a green card. after they get a green card, three more years before they apply for citizenship. they're talking about back taxes. of course, illegal requirements. how do they sort all this out? >> that's a tough one. i think the only way to get a deal is that the democrats will insist on a pathway to citizenship. but perhaps they can get some type of an agreement where you have the border security first. and you have these triggers so the bill moves a little bit more to the right. and enough conservatives will
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back it so that it can be signed into law perhaps later this year. but this -- there's a lot of optimism, eric, on immigration reform at the beginning of the year. more recently there's been less so. i think we got about a 50/50 shot at this bill becoming law this year. >> all right. 50/50. your final bet. not 51% on one court? >> i think there will be an immigration reform bill signed into law. but it just may not be this year. >> all right. bob cusack and the immigration bill debate continues. jere jamie? >> you can trust fox news. we're keeping an eye on our top story. looking live at moscow at the airport. nsa leaker edward reportedly arriving there this morning. you can see everybody is looking for him. he was allowed to leave hong kong, they claim legally. coming up, where he may be headed to next. will the u.s. be able to catch up with him? have you heard about this? the growing debate after the taliban proposes a controversial
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prisoner swap. the only american prisoner of war held by the taliban for the last four years. now they apparently hope to swap him in exchange for five gitmo inmates. will that happen? should we do it? and for the first time, we're hearing directly from the family of that p.o.w. hear what they have to say, next. >> we support you and are eagerly awaiting your return home. i love you, my son, as i have from the first moment i heard of you. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. what's the rush?
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the family of the only known u.s. prisoner of war is speaking out as a taliban prisoner swap offer is sitting on the table. 2,000 people show up for a rally in idaho to support army sergeant bowe bergdahl. the 27-year-old taken hostage in 2009 in afghanistan. and earlier this week, his taliban captors proposed releasing five high ranking military members from guantanamo bay in exchange for his release. his parents reacting to the news at the rally yesterday. listen. >> we support you and are eagerly awaiting your return home. i love you, my son, as i have from the first moment i heard of you. >> have faith. do good works.
7:20 am
continue to tell the truth. but above all, have the patience that can only come from god. >> speaking of patience, it's reported the parents received their first letter from their son in four years this month. coming up in the next hour, i'll speak to major general bob scales about the implications of negotiating with the taliban. if the u.s. decides to do that, what it could mean for peace. we're continuing to follow the trail of -- reported trail of suspected nsa leaker edward snowden. it is said he has landed in moscow this morning and may be on his way to cuba and then venezuela. according to some reports, he flew out of hong kong this morning legally. this after national security adviser tom donlin said he was confident hong kong authorities would cooperate with us and uphold our treaty to extradite him. that did not happen, apparently.
7:21 am
this morning senator lindsey graham said every effort must be made to try to get snowden back here to the u.s. for trial. >> i don't think he's a hero. i believe he hurt our nation. he compromised the national security program designed to find out what terrorists were up to. so the freedom trail is not exactly china, russia, cuba, venezuela. i hope we'll chase him to the ends of the earth, bring him to justice, and let the russians know there'll be consequences with if they harbor this gay. >> good morning, eric. apparently he may be in moscow. what is senator graham talking about about repercussions from moscow if they helped him flee? >> obviously we're not going to bomb them. i guess the question is what is our relationship going to be with moscow? we obviously want this guy back. he's stolen a treasure-trove of american national security top secrets. and it appears, at least at this
7:22 am
point, he believes, snowden, that the russians are going to give him safe passage from hong kong to moscow and then on to another country. again, as you say, this speculation from cuba to iceland to various countries in south america. so i'm sure the point he's making, i suspect the state department is making to the russians, is, hey, look, we want this guy. don't turn him over or let him get on a flight and let him go on his merry way. turn him over to us. the chinese ignored us as you pointed out. they allowed him to leave hong kong when he had been -- there was a request for his extradition from the u.s. that was on file in hong kong. now the question is will the russians listen to us? >> can we do an -- can we kidnap him and put a burlap sack on him if he shows up in cuba or venezuela like the israelis did? >> i suppose we could or we could try to. the question that comes, you know, the impact of that, i mean, you're going to go into another country. this at a time when there are questions about u.s. and
7:23 am
government, you know, crossing the line. and we're going to try to kidnap somebody out of another country. obviously not a very favorable country to us that we could just extradite him. to the degree that this has been a public relations embarrassment to begin with, it seems to me that would only compound it. one of the points that lindsey graham makes on fox news sunday, you don't know, we don't know all the secrets this guy has. what else is in his computer or in his backpack that he may be willing to trade to a country like russia or cuba or another country that doesn't like the u.s. very much. that might be useful to them. that might betray, you know, important and vital u.s. secrets. also further embarrass us. >> if he's -- that thumb drive, if he's already given it over to the chinese or whoever. while we're on his trail, apparently from moscow, maybe to cuba, maybe harbored in venezuela, you also discuss the immigration bill that's up in the senate tomorrow. >> yeah. there's going to be a vote on
7:24 am
this border search with $30 billion, $40 billion, tremendously increase our forces and our technology on the border. the republicans, it's been proposed by two republican senators. and it is thought that it'll bring about another dozen republicans onboard. and lindsey graham, one of the big supporters of this, says on "fox news sunday" he believes it will pass the senate, the entire bill, by the end of the week with up to 70 votes. which is, you know, a big majority. and mike lee, a republican senator who's opposed to the bill, agrees that it could pass and, perhaps, with 70 votes. then it gets to the house. the house does not like the idea of big comprehensive immigration. republican leaders there are talking about a piecemeal approach. border enforcement. e-verify. visa tracking. then you get to legalization for the 11 million here. but the problem is, i'm not sure democrats are going to go along with that. they want the whole package. if you want border enforcement you got to give us the path to legalization. >> there's a lot on the plate.
7:25 am
you have a lot on your plate. sounds like a fascinating program, chris, as always. >> interesting show. a lot happening. >> thank you. always good to see you. for more on chris's interviews with both republican senators graham and lee, you can watch them on "fox news sunday." also, chris, he's going to sit down with gabriel gomez. republican massachusetts candidate against democrat ed marquis. that special election to fill john kerry's seat is tuesday. only 48 hours to go. who will win? what are the issues? chris will delve into that today at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. only right here on the fox news channel. jamie? >> we all remember it was one of the worst air disasters on u.s. soil. twa flight 800 crashed over long island back in 1996. it killed all 230 people onboard. and now there are new calls to reopen the investigation into that crash after an eye opening new documentary suggests the facts as we know them could be far from the truth. >> look at this.
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as always, every sunday it's now time for "sunday housec call." joining us associate professor of medicine. author of "the inner pulse: unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." >> also dr. david samani. upcoming chair of lennox hill hospital. doctors, good morning. >>


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